Terms of Service

All contributors, by choosing to contribute through posting or commenting, are subject to the following terms of service.

1. Content Moderation

“Musings of a Larping Cat” is my personal blog – a platform on which I can share my thoughts on gaming, and while I encourage others to do so as well, I reserve the right to moderate comments and posts, and block users who are disruptive.

What does disruptive mean? Well, to start with, “anything that would be broadly offensive” is disruptive to the dialogue I am trying to facilitate. Secondly, just so that we are perfectly clear, anything I don’t like. This is my website, and I will remove content that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Yes this is subjective. If you want to engage in the conversations on this blog, you will have to accept that.

“Anything that would be broadly offensive” includes but is not limited to:

  • hate speech – including racist, sexist, and homophobic content
  • crude content – it gets old. fast. Be more clever than that, and remember that tone doesn’t always come through in text.
  • violence – This includes all threats of violence, no matter how implausible.
  • harassment – Do not harass or bully people.
  • posting personal contact information – do not post contact information for people whom you do not have permission to post. I don’t recommend posting your own personal contact info either.
  • Do not generate spam – if it isn’t relevant to the page it has been posted on, it is spam. This includes nonsense posts, advertisements for your own blog/website if the linked material is not immediately obviously relevant to the content of my site, repeatedly posting the same comment, and/or generally derailing the conversation.

I reserve the right to remove adult content from the site.

I also reserve the right to remove content that includes arguments that contain logical fallacies.

2. Liability

All of the content on this blog is informational only. I can’t vouch for the accuracy or completeness of this information – each post and comment is the sole opinion of the writer, and will often explicitly be colored by individual perceptions.

I will not be held liable for omission or mis-information on this site, nor for any losses, injuries, or damages derived from the display or use of this information.

3. Closing Remarks

These terms and conditions of use are subject to change at anytime and without notice.

Thanks to: “About Tech” and “blog.com” for suggestions on this page.

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