On this blog, you’ll find a small handful of categories. Finer scale differentiation will be done with tags. The categories are:


This category incorporates both Larps at Stanford and Larps elsewhere. Most of the larps I play and run are at Stanford. Occasionally we host elsewhere, and I do take games to Baycon and Convolution. This category will include pieces about the characters I play, which will include an (hopefully interesting!) overview of the character and what they accomplished in game, and in most cases, a reflection on something about the character and/or game that I wish to contemplate. These posts will always contain spoilers for the game, and be labeled as such with a warning. I will also publish pieces on being GM for games or the writing process for LARPs. These posts will sometimes contain spoilers for game; those posts will be labeled as such with a warning.


This category is for both campaign and one-shot tabletops that I play in or write/run. Most of our games happen at either Stanford or the house. It is less practical to take these elsewhere as even our “one-shots” are ridiculously long, usually running for >12hours. The posts in this category will be a mix of pieces telling epic tales of one-shots; journalist reports of ongoing campaigns, and observations on the writing and running process. Campaign series posts will probably be the most consistent subset of posts. I will mask spoilers by turning the relevant text white. If the spoilers don’t apply to you, you can highlight the text to read it.

Video Games

I suppose it is about time I added a category for video games. I used to play exclusively solo games, and therefore didn’t think I had interesting or useful insights. But a couple of cooperative games, including Final Fantasy XIV are changing my mind. The internet also has tons to say about video games, so it’ll start to turn up on the blog.

Writing Pieces

This category is for those times when I get the urge to write a short piece that I want to share with people. Sometimes these pieces will be relevant to a LARP or a Tabletop game, but they could just as easily be fanfic, or random sci fi or fantasy pieces.

Board Games

A category for the rare times I get the urge to say something about board games. We play at least once a week, so it is likely that I will occasionally have things to say. I may even some day have something to say about game design. You never know.


For pieces that don’t fit in the other categories. Things like announcements will fall into this category.

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