Yesterday  I linked you to a song from “Hamilton: An American Musical” entitled “Right Hand Man” because it contained a line that I threw out as my character’s parting sentence as the game faded to black. Today I link it again, in case you didn’t go listen to it, and by some chance haven’t yet heard the musical in another context.

The song “Right Hand Man” was always just one song among many in a musical that I thought was fun but not my favorite, until my Co-Logistics manager played it for me on our drive up to Tahoe. He is my Right Hand Man. This is the same amazing person who served as the master mark to the magic that was Baycon 2016. I couldn’t have made Grand Larp happen without him. He handled so many things with such grace, from a massive list of tasks that I didn’t want or didn’t have time to do (eg: I hate chasing people around for carpools), to dealing with my meltdowns.

I’m one of those silly people who are adrenaline junkies, but are not properly equipped to handle the associated stress. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and then I’m bad at asking for the help I need. My Right Hand Man is the one who calls it like he sees it. He steps in and lightens the load. He tries to talk me out of doing it again. Rarely, he even succeeds.

Grand Larp would not have happened without his help. I salute him, as an incredible logistics manager, as a dear friend, and as an amazing role-player. It is through the effort of people like him that amazing events like Grand Larp get put on among our friend group.