Of course the backstory of a character and a world is only the beginning. The real fun begins when the game does.

Arbiter Zikara met the two delegations as they arrived upon the Corazon, with the intent to separate them as soon as possible. That evening was a whirlwind of trying to warn the Jeskeri of the dangers of the newcomers, and watching as no one listened to me. I fought repeatedly with the Gold who led the Solarian Union, and listened politely as the Captain of the Coalition lied to my face and we both knew she was doing it.

Saturday was one blow after another to the character as she put bits and pieces together. The Ardent was desperate to learn from the newcomers, the Healer was in the coalition’s pocket. The Auspex was not human, neither was my own daughter any more. And Abigail, dear Abigail, was so naive as to believe that we could hold to the adage that we give what is asked for and Ozda provides. She begged for faith and change, but refused the Jeskeri the initiative to defend ourselves, or reach for our own destiny. And so Zikara felt she was the only one who cared to protect the Jeskeri, and understood the lengths it would take to do so. And she had no ally to turn to.

From the perspective of her professional life, everything was lost late in the afternoon, when the Coalition staged a raid of the Sweet Serendipity, a small ship that had made its own way to Corazon. On the personal side, she had been searching among the newcomers for any converts who might be found. She had found peace in Ozda, and wanted to bring that peace to others. Eventually she found Asbjørn – the very Gold she had been fighting with for the last two days.

He was struggling with a literal split personality, and half was kind and gentle, and the other, the epitome of Gold-ness. With Abigail’s help, Zikara sat with Asbjørn for almost an hour in the med bay while combat raged upstairs. The Jeskeri women finally helped Asbjørn find the strength he needed to stand and keep fighting. And that night, the two characters retired together. In what was an incredible moment of defiance, Zikara opened herself body and soul to someone that represented the society that had taken everything from her. The Union had not broken her. She still had forgiveness, compassion, and faith to give. And she would give it to those that needed it.

In the morning, Zikara concentrated on protecting the Jeskeri. There was one last chance to stay on Corazon, so she took it, bringing to the surface Asbjørn’s cruel alternate personality in the hope that he would direct that cruelty primarily toward the Coalition. It was a gamble. She lost.

In the end, the Jeskeri left on the Coalition’s repaired ship, the Corazon station crashed into the surface of the planet, and it was only by chance that Zikara happened across the scene in which someone was in the middle of attempting to kill Asbjørn. The Jeskeri are together, for the most part, but at the mercy of the Coalition. Zikara would despair that all is lost, save that every pair of eyes is on her. If she falls apart, the Jeskeri will too. In her arms she shields Asbjørn, temporarily lost in his failure to protect the Jeskeri. But Zikara is strong. Stronger even that she knew before that moment. She looks Asbjørn in the eyes, and tells him that “Dying is easy, living is harder.

And that is what they will do. Live. Against all odds, the Jeskeri will stay together. They will rise up (yes, it is another reference to the same song). They will endure this exile from Ozda’s light, and they will return some day.

Okay, I think I’m done quoting Hamilton at you for today. Still, the song linked here is relevant to Grand Larp for more reasons than just providing a convenient quote to be my character’s parting statement.