Of course, a LARP like this cannot be played particularly well without a character. And Zikara was, well, made for me. I know that sounds funny to say, since all the characters were written for each player by the GMs after soliciting requests, but Zikara was… clearly a reflection of the GMs knowing me so well. Possibly too well.

Zikara has such a desperate desire to protect those around her, driven by the classic tragic backstory of loss. Her family and friends had all been killed by the Golds, the most powerful group in the Solarian Union. She herself had been exploited like so many others by the twisted government system that had forced a genetic caste system on its citizens. When she gathered the courage to flee, her ship was attacked and damaged beyond repair. She should have died, but some higher power decreed that it was not her time.

Zikara found peace among the Jeskeri, a religious order living on a space station called Corazon, orbiting a weird planetoid called the Ametrine. She was rescued by the grace of Ozda (the God the Jeskeri worship) after by some miracle her damaged ship drifted within range of their tractor beams. She found happiness temporarily with a husband and child, but tragedy struck again, with a Gold killing her husband as his final act, then mysterious circumstances on the planet’s surface changing her child’s personality dramatically.

And finally, right at game start, the Solarian Union, which she had so desperately tried to outrun her entire life,  showed up on her station, led by a Gold as despicable as any she remembered.

And so began Grand Larp. Tune in tomorrow to learn what ended up happening to Zikara in game.