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Okay, now that I’m on the far side of the crazy ride that was Grand Larp, it’s time to start a little series to bring you all along.

The build up to this event has been massive. The GMs and I started throwing the idea around some time last fall. We settled on a place to host the event in something like February. In April we started recruiting. In July, the logistics started in earnest. The month of October was complete chaos leading up to the event last weekend.

We got our character sketches in August I think, but our full character sheets weren’t delivered until two weeks before game, and changes and additions were still being made right up to game start. Hats off to our amazing GMs who managed to pull it all together, with very few unintentional inconsistencies (at least as far as I know).

We started arranging carpools and meal shifts in September. We were still chasing down people for rides a week before game. We started buying non-perishables the month before, but were still doing grocery runs during down time during game for the last little things that had gotten forgotten.

Logistics sent out half a dozen surveys to try to collect all the information we needed. We ran the numbers I don’t even know how many times to figure out how much it was going to cost everyone to attend. We called and texted and pounced on people in person whenever we could to solicit answers we needed.

With the event over, I kind of don’t know what to do now. I mean there are plenty of things I could do that have found themselves neglected (like this blog, or any of the half a dozen games I am in the process of writing), but still it feels weird to have only a few to do list items left for this event.