Convolution 2016 wrapped up on Sunday. My Consort and I ran “All the President’s Zombies” at 10 am on Sunday morning, less than 11 hours after we’d extracted ourselves from the aftermath of DnD. In a pleasantly surprising turn of events, we did not need to run around like crazy people looking for players. We actually had enough by 10:10 to play, and 7/8 characters by 10:20. (Still, that situation might have been helped by having registration open slightly before 10 am such that day-trippers have a chance of making it to 10am programming on time.)

This run of the game was as brilliant as the last one. I believe I forgot to mention that the first run decided to blame the zombies on a bad batch of narcotics. The second run quickly settled on terrorists. I believe the final conclusion was an offshoot of Isis, henceforth to be referred to as “Cobra”, based in North Korea, but operating a domestic terror cell out of Atlanta. Oh, and something about moral fiber… Anyway, everyone had a splendid time being ridiculous and over the top caricatures.

And then, after game, we got some of the best news I’d had all weekend. My bag, which had gone missing the night before, was turned in to Con Ops, literally minutes before the LARP ended and we walked over to check in about it. I got all my stuff back! Including the LARP ribbons so I could give them to players. I was so happy.

Then my Consort and I took two of the players who we know IRL off to lunch. There were epic, massive desserts, and I believe the first 3 raindrops of the season fell, one on each of my three accomplices. I didn’t get any rain. I did get a succulent though! As we were walking back from the restaurant, we came across a bunch of plants that had been uprooted in someone’s landscaping endeavors, including a couple of pieces of some succulent or another. I couldn’t resist bringing it along with me. I’ll plant it at home.

Having run 3 games in less than 48 hours hit me after that. Total mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion. The LARP Mistress and her Consort retired to our room for the rest of the afternoon and evening, declining to attend further programming or even really acknowledge anything from the world outside our hotel room for the rest of the day. And of course, managing to only write up a few things related to Con, so now we have post-facto reports. It was hands down the right call to get the Hotel room through Sunday night.

With the Con officially over, I continue to collect the last of my thoughts. I expect another post or two, but I may save them for tomorrow.