Alright, it is about 3 pm on Sunday afternoon. I am settled into what I can now think of only as my writing chair. The atrium space is quiet outside the window. Closing ceremonies is less than an hour away. I don’t feel ready for con to be over. The weekend seems to have flown by.The feeling is emphasized by the fact that I still have so much to tell you. The down side of running 3 larps in less than 48 hours is the utter exhaustion that sweeps over me the moment I have any down time.

So, to pick things up from where I left them after Report 3, we skipped our way down to the parlor room where our game was to be held just before 5 pm. In short order we had the very small space (for 15 players, +2 GMs + NPCs) in working order. All the signs were up on the walls, everyone had responded to questions on our improptu app, and off we went into rules explanation. Since my Consort was busy casting, people didn’t have their character packets yet, and so rules explanation was much more like what we have when we run at Stanford (where the rule is: no character packets until after rules explanation. Otherwise players don’t pay attention to you.)

After everyone had their characters and time to read through the ridiculous amount of materials that the game involves, we started game. As with every other game con or otherwise, I spent the first 15 minutes worrying that everyone was going to be bored out of their minds. This is of course because everyone is trying to get into the rhythm of game. It is always slow at first – no need to panic. And soon enough, the chaos began as my co-GMs and I realized things that were not functioning as intended because of some clerical error in printing and assembling the game. Oh the joys of damage control…

Speaking of co-GMs, my  Consort and I got some unexpected help from a good friend of ours who was around for the day, brought friends to play in the game, and then elected to stick around and help us GM, even though in doing so he spoiled himself to the game and forfeited a chance to play himself some day in the future. Having the extra help was a great boon, and it is hats off to him for doing it. It is kindness like this that really makes Con into such a wonderful experience.

Speaking of kindness, we had an interesting encounter around 7:15 pm. Now, having 15 people in a room talking and moving around can get a little noisy, but the parlor room was on the party floor, and quiet hours (which are enforced in the halls only, btw.) don’t start till 9 pm. Regardless, we had a request to keep the noise down. Fearing a situation not unlike what we addressed during Persephone’s Gift at Baycon 2016, I immediately scampered down stairs and went in search of Con-Ops. I got extra lucky and ran into our social media guru who connected me to exactly the right people on Security. They helped liason with the Hotel to make sure that the Con sanctioned event would not be disturbed. Hopefully, as with last year, the players have no idea it happened.

All told, the game went splendidly, and everyone had a great time. At the last minute, the monsters scrambled together an army that well dwarfed the humans, and despite the long, drawn out fight, they humans were in fact turned back. Hurray!

Still, the night ended on a distressing note when we cleaned everything up and I realized that my bag was gone, and with it, my brand new compact, my favorite lipstick, and my LARP ribbons! Needless to say, tired and sad I was in no mood to write up these reports last night. (More to come on this  saga.)