The last 20 hours or so has  been quite a roller coaster. As predicted, we didn’t make it to any panels yesterday, but we did make it to dealers and the gallery. To my wallet’s great preference, I didn’t actually find much that jumped out at me. A couple of the vendors who have been here in past years were conspicuously absent, and I was sad. The art, while beautiful in it’s own right, did not fit the aesthetic that I’ve been throwing willy-nilly at the walls of my house. And so, I didn’t actually buy anything. We’ll try to swing by and make another pass this afternoon just before they close up and see if we missed anything, but this may be a con with minimal souvenirs.

The afternoon passed in a most pleasant manner. My Consort and I holed up in our room and figured out how to do casting for DnD. Usually I cast in kind of a reckless manner of sorting people in real time based on their answers to questions. It works, but it can be a little arbitrary. Since there were two of us this time,  we were able to do things a little differently. We had everyone  answer a series of questions on a piece of paper and my Consort did casting while I ran rules.

We also got to draw a map! It seemed  most appropriate that for a war council that we lay out the territories of land on the continent. So we rolled out the massive 3’x4′ wet erase map board we have, and got to drawing, with like 8 different colors of markers. It made a great prop for people to stand over and gesture.

For once, it was in good time that we took off for game space. And even so, players beat us there.

You’ll have to wait for the report on game until later, as it is almost 10 am, and we have our last event to run to!