As I sit in the corner chair in our room for Con, I take my first moment to really breath. It was a massively busy morning, and then a crazy afternoon. We hit site almost 2 hours later than I originally wanted to be here. Everything felt frantic, because we had literally less than 3 hours from getting into our room to when we were to run our first event.

The first notable event was not directly con related. Checking into the hotel was most bizarre as it seemed that someone else had already checked in our reservation. Now, I have a fairly unusual name. I have no idea how someone with the same first name, and a last name that is only differently spelled by 1 letter happens to be in the same hotel on the same weekend, having booked the same kind of room for the same event. My consort suggested that our evil doppelgangers might be here. I pray they are not, because I did not bring the right supplies to force them back into the mirror-dimension. Still, the hotel staff was very kind and sorted it all out without too much trouble.

Then the whirlwind of arriving began. We dropped sign offs in gaming the minute we could catch the head of gaming. We chased the social media guru around for adverts. We attempted to get costumed and eat food and I totally did it in the wrong order (thus requiring the first of many reapplications of the epic purple lipstick.) We read through the game material, and off we went.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a few players already waiting for us. (I can’t speak to whether my partner expected it.) Still, the usual stress of not having enough players ensued. The game is really impossible to run with fewer than 6. We had 5. And so we sent the players off to recruit. And by some miracle or another, we somehow ended up with a full cast of 8. And so we played. And it was suitably epic. And I am pleased. And now I am exhausted.

Still, it was barely 8:15 by the time we had wrapped up post-game. So we wandered off to the second floor, to the staff lounge. The two lovely women who are running that space were most pleased to feed us amazing, tasty food and chat about faire. I can only sit in awe and listen to the people around me here. So many amazing people do so many crazy things. My friends say I work magic with all the things  I do. I tell you in no uncertain terms that what I do pales in comparison to some of the miracles these people work. It is wonderful and inspiring, and a little intimidating to listen to.

And then, finally, it was time for bed. Funny to say “finally”, given that it is barely 9:30, but we are both so ready for bed. So we come to me curled up in the corner chair, typing away. I am very pleased to have a room that faces into the atrium of the hotel. There is some magic that I have tried and failed on multiple occasions to explain in sitting up here and watching the ebb and flow of con. Especially in the evening when people seem to drift. No destination in mind, just the warm daze of the surreal.

After all, Con is a completely different world. Time flows strangely here. Space accordions in unexpected ways, and the outside world all seems to fade away. We build our own space, even our own reality at Con. We are a host unto ourselves. A community of creators and consumers. We give and take and share and experience. Con is a strangely intimate experience for me, shared with so many random strangers who’s name I will never know. There is nothing like it, anywhere else.