Alright, we are T-minus 2 hours to Con. So help me it has been a crazy month leading up to this weekend. Between everything happening in my real life (aka: Work, relationships, and general adulting), and the amount of effort that has gone into prepping for our Saturday night game, I am exhausted. So is my partner in crime (who may or may not be asleep right now, while I struggle to spell words close enough to right that the spell checker can rescue them.)

“Dungeons and Delegates” is an amazing game, full of shtick and cleverness. But alas the game is also a Guild Camp game that has yet to run a second time. This means that there were a massive pile of changes that had to be implemented, not all of which were easy, and a massive pile of “would be nice to have”s, many of which were not obvious how to implement without rewriting extensive potions of the game. Therefore DnD is the most unpolished game I have ever brought to a Con.  I am incredibly nervous. But I have faith in the premise of the game, the writers, and the players who will pick it up and run with it.

The other game we are running barely registers in comparison on the amount of effort it took to prepare. It is an off the shelf parlor game that is available on the internet. That made prepping for the game utterly trivial. Sure I need to read the GM documents before we run the game tonight, but the stack of papers to read is in the tens, not the hundreds.

Despite the exhaustion, I can’t wait to get on site for Con. The hotel had a massive remodel since the last time we were there, and I haven’t seen the space yet. It may turn out to be quite an adventure. I always look forward to the dealers room and the art show, although this year I need to try really hard to restrain my spending at Con. It cost me quite the pretty penny to frame just half of the prints I have been putting off framing from previous cons. And of course, I can’t wait for the people. I can’t wait to catch up with the awesome people in Gaming, and start the ridiculous dance of chasing newsletter and the social media guru around for publicity plugs. For the first time I will get to see some of my friends who love going to Cons but have never made it to Baycon because it conflicts with Fanime and any number of other awesome cons that run on Memorial Day Weekend.

It will be a little weird to not have one particular pair (no names because internet and all that, but they know who they are) who have made my past Con experiences so memorable. It was through them that I started running games for Cons at all. On account of this, this year really feels like the training wheels are off. My partner in crime and I are kind of flying solo. I don’t have someone in prog ops or con ops that knows me well outside of Con. We’re flying on our merits as game runners, and the reputation we have built up to this point. It is kind of scary, but also very exciting.

I’m a little sad I didn’t manage to pull together a “fan table” to provide “insurance policies” against monster attacks and supernatural events. It would have been very cute with this year’s theme of “Age of Monsters”. Unfortunately my co-conspirator for that got eaten by real life. Alas, another time. And it is probably for the best given how busy the Larp Mistress and her Consort are going to be this weekend.

Stay tuned for the usual Con reports of as many of our ridiculous adventures as I can remember.