I’ve clearly been on hiatus from blogging all summer. We’ve got some incredibly exciting projects brewing right now and they are taking all of my time. Still, I figure I’d better pop up and point flashy lights at Convolution 2016.

The programming grid is live and can be found here. The con is Sept 30-Oct 2, and along with my favorite co-conspirator will be running 3 games over the 3 days of Con.

On Friday night we’ll be running “All the President’s Zombies,” an adorable, low commitment game about the President and his cabinet preparing for a press conference to address reports of a zombie uprising in Georgia.

On Saturday night we’ll be running “Dungeons and Delegates” a his shtick game of the leaders of all the monster races coming together to address the problem of humans, who have just invented the gun.

On Sunday morning, we’ll be running a reprise of “All the President’s Zombies” so you have two chances to play this wonderful game.

We hope to see you there!