And do some different gaming?

I’m not sure how I feel about this being on a “first world problems” meme, but I can certainly get behind the sentiment. This might have originally been intended for video games, but I think it applies to our campaign tabletops and LARPs quite well. Don’t get me wrong, I dearly love our campaigns, but a couple of us have this tendency to write one-shots in the middle of our campaigns just to get a break. This goes double for crunch time for LARP writing. I swear I get my best one-shot tabletop ideas during the mad scramble in the month leading up to running a new LARP.

Much as we love our worlds, we pour our hearts and souls into the characters, their lives and stories. That can be really draining, even if it is “easy” by virtue of it being a familiar world, or a well defined one, or one we greatly enjoy. It is easy to get caught in a rut due to habits and repetition – it can feel like nothing new is happening. It’s easy to feel hemmed in by the history of the world and the defining aspects of the character – it can feel impossible to innovate.  Jumping into a different world can be really refreshing and re-invigorating.

Like many aspects of our lives, the games we play repeatedly can start to feel dull in their repetition. The novelty wears off, and sometimes we feel that things are… well, a little lackluster without it. We find ourselves playing by just going through the motions – running on autopilot. Stepping out of that comfort zone into a new game, be it for the challenge of a new world or a new system, or even just a new PC’s head to live in for a bit, is a powerful way to shake things up. And if we’re good, we can bring that energy back to the games we play week after week, and revive our engagement in the campaigns.

And, not to wax too philosophical here, I think this can cross over into to lots of aspects of our lives. A new game can bring excitement and enthusiasm that can be channeled into a relationship that has become complacent, a new project at work can bring new energy to ongoing projects, etc. It is kind of like NRE. So, game on. Enjoy the reoccurring games. Chase new ideas and new games when they appear. And if you can, let that new game energy flow out into other aspects of your life, even ones that have nothing to do with gaming.