Okay, I’ve had almost 24 hours since I left Con to try to recover. My head is still swimming a little. Con is always exhausting. Worth it, but exhausting. This report might come off as a little negative, but that’s really just because the negative stuff comes to mind first. There should be at least one more report coming where I try to take a more holistic approach to this year’s con.

Monday was a really laid back day. Pretty much all we did was go by art show to pick up art and make final rounds to say goodbye to everyone. I had forgotten to swing by Art show Sunday evening to check on bids, so I was really surprised I won as many bids as I did. We had also bought a ridiculous number of pieces direct sale, so in the end, we picked up like 10 pieces. There were very few active bidders at Art Show. Which is really a shame since the art was so lovely. I do hope that the lower number of bidders did not equate too much to a lower number of pieces being purchased, and that none of the awesome artists feel discouraged enough not to keep bringing us awesome art.

The low activity in Art Show is a reflection of the smaller Con I think. I don’t know what the final membership count was, but it was small. Everything was small. I’m not sure that I like the change, but it is a change whether I like it or not. And it seems that the previous discussion of moving to a different weekend have been resolved against the change. Pre-reg was available for next year. Baycon 2017 is a go the same weekend at the same hotel. Which is really exciting I’ll admit, since this time last year we didn’t know if there was going to be a Baycon 2016. Of course I didn’t make it to the wrap up panel, but I’m told that next year’s theme was hinted to be related to Star Wars.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but I’m kind of tired of all the Sci Fi themes. I was originally introduced to BayCon as the “Bay area science fiction and fantasy convention.” I’ve found dwindling space at Baycon for the fantasy side of things. A scientist I may be, but I am a biologist, not an engineer. My favorite books and stories are distinctly fantasy, not Sci Fi. When I write games, the stars are prophets, guides, and links to the distant past, not some fuel calculations and a casual jump away. I suppose it all works out because I don’t have any time or energy to attend panels so it is just as well that I’m not interested in them.

Gaming also felt like kind of an afterthought for this Con. Gaming was off in a corner, far away from all the other events in a tiny little space. Their hours and staff were reduced and it was a fiasco even getting them enough tables to set up and open. Despite not being on staff this year, I very much have a horse in this race. As the LARP Mistress, I sit at the juncture between programing and gaming. The events technically fall under programming, but if anyone has questions, they are going to go to Gaming. I of course also get invaluable support from newsletter, ConOps, Hotel Liason and Teen Lounge (from where I usually steal players to fill out the game roster). Still, having gaming treated like an optional afterthought makes my position shakier. Also, lots of my friends work Gaming and I’m a little indignant on their behalf.

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts over the next few weeks as I have a chance to process the Con as a whole, so it’ll be a little while before we return to our regularly scheduled posts of me promising stuff on my campaign games and never delivering. 😉 In the mean time, Baycon 2016 LARP Mistress over and out.