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So I totally meant to get up early enough today that I could write a post before checking out of my hotel room, but that clearly didn’t happen. Once again I have no idea where the day went.

Yesterday was yet another splendid day. We actually went to the panel that my friend from SETI was doing. The joke goes that staff never ever manage to attend any of the programming. We are too busy running events and being on shift various places. As a guest, I have more time to do these things in theory.

In practice,  running LARPs is super time consuming. Even “Garden Station 4” which I ran as a 2 hour game each of Friday and Sunday kept me busy for 5 hours (from 7 to midnight each night). So over the four day con, i worked 10 hours for set up, run and tear down of Garden Station 4. Persephone’s Gift is a bigger, more complicated game, and was 6.5 hours of from start to finish. Of course, this time estimate doesn’t take into account the time spent beforehand getting sign ups in gaming and advertisements out on social media and in the newsletter and all the other minutia. So I’d honestly ballpark my at the con time for games at close to 20 hours across three days.And games are tiring. I mostly managed to be in bed by 1 am after game, and gratefully slept until like 10 am the next day. Since each day is composed of, 9 hours of sleep, 2-3 hours for meals, ~7 hours of time LARP time, and you can understand why I don’t have time to staff(~6-8 hours a day) or attend very many panels if I also want to hit up the art room, or dealers. And hopefully y’all can forgive the fact that I tend to pass on the parties.

The second run of Garden Station 4 went splendidly. It was, as it always is, a little touch and go at the beginning to get enough players, but it’s so much easier when we only need 1. 🙂 This run definitely had less violence. Fewer people ended up [spoilers for Garden Station 4] obsessed with the planet “Garden”, because fewer people got injured because the run was way less violent. In the end, everyone had a splendid time. And the post game discussion turned to LARPing beyond Cons.

This is a discussion I’ve had many times, with many people, and It is probably about time i stopped sitting on the idea and made it happen. Bay Area peeps, watch this space for information about LARPs I’ll be running outside of Conventions and the Stanford Gaming Society.

For now, I will sign off, having reported the most pressing realizations from yesterday. I’ll try to get around to another post tomorrow to wrap up the last day of Con.