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So, it is totally Sunday morning not Saturday night. As expected, I crashed pretty hard last night after “Persephone’s Gift.” The most important question of course is “how did the game go?”

Answer: Splendidly. I had 11/12 players, which was more than I expected, and made me really happy. As I’ve said before, these games don’t really without a full cast. I ended up cutting the robot doctor out for about 2/3 of the game, and then playing them myself as an NPC for ~30 minutes to introduce an important discovery to game.

Rounding up players was the usual fiasco of starting with like 5 or 6, and then sending them out to recruit random new people. In the end, i had a cast of about half new people and half people who have played my games before. It was really great. normally LARPs are a little slow to start because the characters aren’t is quite sure what to do or who to talk to first. It is usually worse at Con because the players are in a similar situation. Having a cast of about 1/2 experienced players helps mitigate that because they have the confidence to just walk up to another character and strike up a conversation.

Watching the game unfold was really rewarding. Watching some of the new people blossom into their roles was amazing. Watching the observers who drifted in and out go from “bewildered” to “amused” to “impressed” was delightful. I am cautiously optimistic that we will get some of them back some day as players. 🙂

Not everything was puppies and kittens though. I had been told that my event could run until late. By which I mean midnight. At 11 pm, I had a hotel person come in and inform me that he needed to start vacuuming and putting the room back together. Now. It was my great fortune that both the head of ProgOps and the Chairwoman herself were nearby. And this comes back to the part I said in one of the other reports about appreciating the support that I get from Staff at the Cons. I was able to point them at the problem and they made it go away. It didn’t even disrupt LARP very much, the players were able to go on scheming and playing, mostly unaware of the goings on of the real world around them. Which of course is the point and part of my role as GM>

All things considered, I declare success. People had fun, nothing untoward happened, and despite running out of spoons during clean up, We managed to get through wrap up (which we invaded gaming to do) and everybody earned their ribbons. Because yes, playing in one of my LARPs, or helping me run them, earns you the third of my ribbons. Speaking of which, i must endeavor to find ProgOps chair and the chairwoman some time today and give them a ribbon for coming through when I desperately needed them.

Okay, now for the rest of my day. As you might guess, there are fewer blog posts for this Con than the last because I seem to be way busier. I still haven’t managed to attend any panels though, so I’m not completely clear on what I’m busy with, but certainly something. Among the things I know I did was another trip to the art show and dealers room. I bought about $200 worth of art at direct sale. Things I wanted enough that I wasn’t willing to bid and risk being outbid. That said, I still bid on a bunch of pieces too. I expect my end art show budget will be about $350. Back in the dealers room, I went looking for a small belt pouch and came away with a beautiful green leather purse instead. Oops? but it holds my ribbons so well. Which is important since in the cosplay I have no pockets.

Speaking of the cosplay, I have actually had a handful of people recognize me outright. Most people go “oh, you look familiar, but I can’t remember,” but a few do. 🙂 I am also a little pleased that despite the compliments, very few pictures have been asked of me as I’m a little camera shy. It was one of the myriad of things I was nervous about. Still, so far so good, I’m glad I did it.

And somehow, I have no idea where the rest of my day went. I mean I stopped by ProgOps and Gaming to chat briefly, and I stopped by the SETI booth and chatted for a while. BTW, SETI is our charity this year and it is super awesome to have my friend from SETI here to do a panel, which I am totally going, assuming I can get my act together by 11:30. Wish me luck?

But ya, there isn’t a whole lot else to report about the goings on of Con. I guess I should say a word about the hotel layout though. One of the things I dearly loved about the Santa Clara hotel was the open spaces. There was great common gathering space with lots of chairs and couches on both the first and mezzanine floors. people could wander around and see and be seen, grab food, hang out, and all the rest. This hotel really doesn’t have any common gathering spaces and that makes me kind of sad. It also makes it really hard to get a read on exactly how small the Con is this year, but it is definitely tiny. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I do wonder about the viability of the Con given the attendance. Although, not my circus, not my monkeys.

The other tricky part of the hotel is that it appears to defy Euclidean geometry. As the staff that was around 8 years ago when Con was here before calls it, this is the Escher hotel. The second floor of meeting rooms, reached by a set of stairs or the front elevators, connects around in a big loop to the third floor of hotel rooms. However, if you go up the main elevators in the middle, the second floor of hotel rooms does not connect to the meeting rooms at all. Except for Collaborate 2 of course. Which makes total sense right? I’ve only gotten lost 3x I think. Which is apparently a pretty good showing.

Anyway, it’s about time I got up and got ready for Baycon day 3. See you around!