Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially on site. I had only 2 false starts today, by which I mean I got in my car to drive away from the house and had to turn around and come back only twice. Given that I hadn’t really started packing until 10 pm last night, this is actually a pretty good performance.

As predicted last night, everything is more or less in order now, but only through the excessive application of pixie dust. I baked two quiches last night, along with stuffing all the packets for game space for Persephone’s gift. So at least i know what game space is supposed to look like. That’s a start right?

This morning involved the serious packing that I avoided doing last night, and the preparation of two copies of Garden Station for tonight and Sunday. When all was said and done, I think I might have enough copies of everything to run the game three times. I was kind of confused about the order of some of the material in the pdf, but oh well. I’m sure we’ll find excuse to run the game again. It is a cute little game. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with Baycon people. Cross your fingers and hope that we have enough players!

Lets see, I have my guest of guest’s badge, but prog ops doesn’t know where mine went. Oops. So they are looking into it while I kill some time hanging out in the lobby in my purple glowing kitty headphones. See and be seen and all that, and I’m not even in costume yet. I’m just wearing my woodland fairy outfit. Which is apparently enough. I had someone ask about my gold eyeliner. I am really pleased. Also, of course, lots of people squeeing over the headphones. Which is kind of the point. If they stand still long enough for me to do it subtly, I’ve got a ribbon for that too. Shh!

I may be a little obsessed with ribbons. Not collecting them mind you. I’ve never been very good at that, but I have such delight in giving them out for people who earn them by interacting with me in some particular way. And apparently if you read this blog, you get a leg up on figuring out what the special interaction is.

I also swung by gaming, which is in this teeny tiny room this year, up on the third floor, separated from they rest of con. I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean I get it that we are constricted in our space at the hotel, so we make do. Did I mention we are in a new hotel this year? Well, new to me anyway, apparently Baycon was in this hotel 8 years ago, but I’ve only been coming for 5. Anyway, gaming will be really good for getting away from the noise and chaos, but may be very lightly attended on account of this. Either way, they open at 4 pm this afternoon.

For now, I’m chilling in the lobby like I said, and watching people trickle into Con. It’s kind of neat to see lots of familiar faces and a  good number of new ones too. I mean it is probably not that we have so many new people so much as I don’t actually personally know every person who attends Baycon, so lots of people look new to me. Still, it is fun. And of course I also get to watch the non-Con goes (I need a name for them… perhaps I shall call them “mundanes”. It seems appropriate in that they are not currently partaking of our crazy expression of fandom obsession, but is also a little unkind. I could call them “others” but that feels worse. “Mundane” it is!)

The mundanes were probably not previously aware that they were sharing the hotel with a Sci fi/Fantasy convention. There is lots of double taking and occasionally stopping and staring. I don’t mind personally, since a I’ve previously said, Con is in no small part about see and be seen, but I wonder what is going through their minds as they look at us. Are they curious? Are they wondering what on earth they have stumbled into? Ah well, it probably doesn’t matter too much, as long as everyone keeps it civil.

We had some problems a few years back at Baycon when we overlapped with a conference of some kind that was apparently made up of mostly not so nice people. There were a lot of complaints from our group, and from the catholic convention that we’d co-existed with for a few years. We were not sad that they did not come back the next year. The catholic convention on the other hand was always full of polite, friendly people. As faA as I know we got on pretty well with them. Hopefully we can court that kind of relationship with the mundanes who happen to have the (miss)fortune to be sharing the San Mateo Mariott with us this weekend.

Okay, it’s about time I went back upstairs to ProgOps and got underfoot again to get my badge. And then to kill some time before I can check in to the hotel, and then it’s off to scope out game space for tonight! Wish me luck.