This is report zero, because Con doesn’t technically start until tomorrow. Still, I’ve been thinking about precious little else for a couple of days so as far as I’m concerned, a report is called for. šŸ™‚ For those of you who didn’t follow my last series (about Convolution 2015), the pieces that follow will be sporadic and inspired by whatever just happened at Con that I thought worth mentioning.

For now, the obvious thing to report is: OMG I’m not ready! Shocking, given that I have a full time job, and a crazy social calendar (just ask any of my friends; we are currently trying to pencil things in for August!). The games are sitting in piles in the printer room at my house. Nothing is labeled, or cut out, or stapled, and I haven’t read through half of the material. This situation definitely calls for the application of pixie dust. In the short term, that means serious caffeine at 4 pm (by which i mean coffee, which must have excessive amounts of chocolate applied to it in order for me to agree to drink it.) I will be bouncing off the walls for hours and hours.

Despite the last minute scramble to prepare the games, they are tried and true and amazing. I am so looking forward to bringing these games to a convention that is all about space. šŸ™‚ I mean really, what better game to play than a game set in Isaac Asimov’s “I Robot” universe? If you aren’t looking forward to playing in a world with the 3 laws of robotics, you should be! The author is a personal friend of mine and a total genius at game design.

In other news, my cosplay is done. Or rather, I finished most of it for the game IĀ  co-GMed on May 7th and haven’t touched it since. There are lots of little bits I’ll try to polish for Convolution, but May kind of got away from me in dramatic fashion. Still, if you were going to recognize the character, you’ll recognize me as the costume stands now. šŸ™‚ For those of you who are ribbon addicts, I’ll let you know that I have special ribbons for anyone who can identify the character. To be fair, I’m not sure anyone will. Most of the people who would will be at a different Con this weekend.

But Baycon is a Con I couldn’t miss, not even for the possibility of people who recognize my cosplay. Baycon was my first con, and now I’m about to attend for my… 5th consecutive year. Damn, has it really been 5 years? Wow, time flies. Still, Con feels so natural to me now that it is easy to forget that I haven’t been attending them for all that long either.

Con is also kind of a unique experience for me from an organizing perspective. Usually I don’t even bother to make the willpower roll to resist getting involved in running events. Somehow I haven’t even been presented with the temptation with Con. (This is NOT a challenge) I’m okay with that. It is kind of wonderful to be on staff, or attend as a guest who is running events. It is great to have someone(s) to turn to when I need help with stuff. I’m looking at you, ProgOps and Newsletter.

And having been interrupted by work (quite reasonably I must grudgingly admit, given that the work day isn’t quite over) and losing my train of thought,Ā  I believe this concludes report 0. I hope to see you all on site tomorrow! I do not expect I’ll manage the miracle of making it to opening ceremonies (I never have), but I’ll be around starting sometime in the early afternoon.