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Okay, you’ve met Estel, now to meet the rest of the cast. We’ll learn as much or more about Estel as we go, since I haven’t given you a full run down of her history either. Changelings are young. So what we have is a group of high schoolers and a mail carrier. Not your typical bunch of heroes, but so much the more fun for it?

For those of you playing or otherwise familiar with the campaign, remember that these character descriptions are strictly Estel’s opinion of the other characters, and may not be mine. Further, while Estel is generally open with her opinions, she is substantially kinder than Kai Ratchford and wouldn’t necessarily tell the characters everything she thinks of them. I’ll try to keep it clear what is commonly known and what Estel keeps to herself, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you aren’t sure!

Steris Silvernight – Steris is a Senior at Palo Alto High School (I’ll regularly abbreviate this as Paly). She has been accepted to Stanford and is looking forward to attending in the fall. Estel think that Steris is a worry wart and overprotective. Still, Estel has a lot of respect for Steris’ commitment to school. It never really appealed to Estel (who graduated High School 2 years early and has no interest in college). Estel would like very much to get Steris to relax a little and do something reckless and unplanned some time like go for a motorcycle ride (This is Estel’s unseelie nature shinning through). In her free time, Steris walks dogs for silly amounts of money because it is Palo Alto.

Simon Tyson – Simon is a Junior at Paly. He is on the swim team, and works part time at the Timeless Tales Tearoom. He is chronically late – which Estel doesn’t mind one bit (she isn’t exactly one to talk about being on time). Simon likes to flirt with all the girls who come into the coffee shop, but it never works. Mostly Estel thinks this is great entertainment, but she also wishes she knew some way to help. Simon is kind and earnest and she thinks it would only be fair if his efforts panned out eventually.

Trisha Pollet – Trisha is a first year at Cañada College, having graduated from Paly last year. Trisha also works part time at 3T, and is probably better at being on time than either Simon or Estel. Trisha is less responsible than Steris, but more on top of things than Simon or Estel. She also plays violin beautifully. I doubt Estel has succeeded in getting Trisha to come busk with her yet, and I have no idea what songs an acoustic guitar and a violin would play, but Estel is willing to give it a go. Estel has a strong respect for Trisha’s powers of observation, but thinks that Trisha probably needs to relax and unwind a little too.

Sybil Brown – Sybil is a mailcarrier who just graduated from college. Estel isn’t quite sure why a mailcarrier needed to go to college, but whatever makes her happy I guess. Sybil is always good for fun stories of stuff she encountered on her route. She’s a good sport, and always up for people-watching if Estel wants company. Sybil loves dogs. Unfortunately, all dogs seem terrified of her (which would be really funny, since Sybil is a mail carrier, except that it makes her sad and Estel doesn’t like seeing people sad.)

All in all, our party seems composed of friendly people, all of whom are friends or at least acquaintances going into the story. We all hang out, or work, at 3T, and we are mostly the same age. We all seem up for adventure (although Steris will fret about being home at a reasonable hour). I’m looking forward to watching these characters grow and change and explore the exotic world of the Bay Area.

As a side note, I haven’t yet determined where Estel falls on the “curious” scale. In the first session, I played her a little laid back from that, but I might push that toward more curious. Partly, this is again as counterpoint to Kai who, despite having a compulsion to investigate new technology, was not curious at all about other people’s business. Partly this is appropriate for her changeling race. Not that I knew that at game start, but it still, it fits the character, and certainly makes it easier to engage with story early on, until I build appropriate rapport with the story. Although, my GM may have done that for me already…