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Estel Johnson is my character for our new changeling campaign: Fair Wind Rising. I haven’t quite internalized her psyche, but then there is a lot of competition for space in my head right now what with my own campaign starting, the ongoing campaign larp, and all the one shot LARPs I’m helping with.

Still, we had our first session, and it was awesome and grandiose and I’m really looking forward to exploring this world, and the changeling system (which I am wholly unfamiliar with). Of course, I’ll try to bring you all along for the ride, but first you have to meet Estel! So here’s a typical day for her before the campaign starts.

Estel leans over her dresser to look in the mirror. A pair of unnaturally turquoise eyes stare back at her. She blinks twice and finishes applying her mascara. She spins around to check herself out in the full length mirror behind the door. She is average height, average weight, and average pretty much everything else, but something not quite explainable makes her stand out like an anachronism. She is dressed in a white mini-dress, layered with teal leggings, tan fuzzy boots, and a long crocheted, brown, lace cardigan – all her favorite colors. She tousles her long brown hair and shoves a teal headband into her side bag. She disassembles just enough of her carefully crafted boho-chic look to pull the protective leather pants and jacket on. Steris (one of the other PCs) would have a fit if Estel turned up without them again, and there was no point in upsetting her.

She grabs her sidebag and motorcycle helmet and darts out the door. She walks around the main house from the guest house where she lives to the garage. She starts up her motorcycle and takes off, playfully swerving in her lane on Alpine Road. It is just before 11 am, and Estel has the swing-shift at the Timeless Tales Tearoom on Cal Ave, but it is probably no big deal if she’s a few minutes late; Helen is a pretty chill manager.

At 3T (Estel’s preferred nickname for the tearoom), Estel parks the bike in the back, strips off the leathers, reassembles her “i’m totally not trying” look, and wanders up front, ducking under the bar and popping up next to Helen.

“Refill the sugar bowls, run inventory on the disposables and clean the bathroom.” Helen rattles off without looking at Estel. “Yes Captain.” Estel grins at Helen’s scowl and heads for the back to get the sugar. Things will be quiet at 3T until the afternoon, when Paly High lets out classes.

That afternoon is much like any other afternoon. Estel has abandoned the cash register to Trisha (another PC) and is strumming her guitar and singing snippets of folk songs on the small stage in the corner. She isn’t really off shift just yet, but things are quiet so Trisha can manage the register and the coffee making by herself. She turns her attention to trying to compose a song. Composing isn’t really her thing, but she had this dream last night. A dream of flying – of a freedom she’d never experienced before – and she wants to capture it somehow.

The task is elusive and Estel abandons it after about an hour. She is restless so she packs her guitar, swipes a cookie from the counter and wanders outside to sit on a bench and watch the cloudless blue sky. How she wishes that her dream had been real and she could actually jump into that endless expanse and leave behind all the cares of the world (not that those normally trouble Estel anyway.)

On Thursday I’ll introduce the other PCs. After that, we’ll jump into the party’s adventures in the exotic kingdom of Palo Alto!