Having gotten a couple of hours of sleep, and more caffeine, I feel almost awake. The whole weekend has been adrenaline and caffeine riddled though, so I won’t say I feel coherent. I checked out of my room, ditched the non-essentials in my car, and now I’m killing time till 1 pm and the next panel I want to hit up.

Apparently word has spread of my games. Lots of people I know have heard independently that they were awesome, and I’ve already been asked to run at least one next year. Given the theme, I’ve got some theories.

In the mean time, 2015 isn’t quite done yet. Yesterday, Convolution was almost a presence at the Hotel. We were still dwarfed by the other Con, but you could at least tell that something else was going on. Today it’s quiet again. I don’t know the actually attendee count, but it feels small. I’m okay with that though. It feels more intimate and personal than Baycon. I keep running into people I’ve seen, and it is really nice to be able to move from one end of con space to the other in about 2 minutes, instead of 6. I would really like to see Convolution grow though, as a con has to break even, or it will fade away.

Having only a 3 day con is weird. This is my first year staying on site for Convolution, and it really feels like it shouldn’t be over yet. Baycon has always been 4 days for the time I’ve been involved, and Saturday and Sunday are both busy, lively days because Friday is warm up, and Monday is wind-down. Not bad, just different.

I feel… I feel like a cat today honestly. I wind my way through the “crowds”, invisible today since I’m in borderline street clothes. I just have my x-men tee-shirt and a D20 necklace. The people who acknowledge me are people I already knew. To everyone else, I’m just another person in the hallway. I get to people watch,  instead of be watched. I get to listen, and just absorb the ambiance that is Con instead of being Con to someone else.

I’ll probably have one more report tonight with an overall evaluation of Con, but for now, I think I’m out of things to say. It’s just kind of been a lazy Sunday morning at Con.