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It was weird having the hotel room to myself last night. For every previous con, I’ve shared with at least one other person. Not wholly unpleasant to have my own space for once, but different, and thus a little disconcerting. Regardless, the day started well with the RPG gamemastery panel and my tri-color saree, and a ridiculous number of compliments on it.

The panel was engaging, although I didn’t learn a whole lot – which surprised me given the experience of the panelists. It was very gratifying to hear my own sentiments echoed by the panelists in their way, and interesting to see different takes on tackling party design, and combating railroading and player disengagement. The panelists were a delight to listen to though, as they each had unique experiences gaming and GMing.

I totally forgot to mention last night at 1 am (forgive me?) that I not only got to meet and talk with one of the Theater Arcanos people, but he played in Katmeers last night! Now, I’ve never had a chance to play in one of their games, but I’ve heard enough amazing things about it to have to fight the urge to fan-girl at him. We talked post-LARP last night about our various gaming experience, the people we know, and the styles we’re familiar with. The short answer is that everyone seems to know the MIT Assassin’s Guild because those people have a tendency of bringing gaming with them when they leave MIT. I really hope we cross paths again and we can discuss game design at some point.

Earlier in the day,  I got the chance to talk one on one with Andy Ashcroft, a 21 year professional game designer who was on the RPG Gamemastery panel. That was a brilliant discussion about game design, in this case with a tabletop bent. Andy is play-testing a new game at Con, and I’m really sad I probably wont’ get a chance to play it, but some day!

I’m also sad that the game event that a friend of mine was going to run has been cancelled.  There is probably such a thing as too much gaming in a weekend, but at this rate, we certainly aren’t going to hit it this weekend. Oh well, I will some day play a 7thSea game. I will make him run it some other time.

There kind of isn’t a lot else to report right now. I’m drifting back into “anxious waiting” state. I’ll have another report late tonight with if/how the Neptune Ball went. If you’re around at Con tonight and want to play, you should sign up in the games room!