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I’ll be running 2 games at Convolution 2015! Which is better? A 10 year reunion at Hogwarts? Or a ball hosted by King Triton, 15 years after Ariel abandoned Atlantica? Come play both and find out!

A Reunion at Katmeers, written by a dear friend of mine who is a GENIUS game writer, is a Harry Potter, Legend of Zelda crossover that everyone who plays can never stop talking about. Katmeers will run Friday night starting at 7 pm.

The Neptune’s Ball is a game written by yours truly and another good friend and draws tropes from all sorts of fairy tales and gives them a darker, slightly modern twist. Netune’s Ball will run Saturday night starting at 7 pm.

There will be sign ups available in the Games room. Space is limited for full characters in the games, so if you are interested, put your name down asap to hold your spot. Casting will be first come first cast, so don’t be late to the events either. Be aware that both games are not all fluffy bunnies, and do have their dark sides. Both games are appropriate for teenagers and adults. A good rule of thumb is: if you are old enough to have read all 7 Harry Potter books, you’re old enough to handle these games.

Hope to play with you all soon, whether at Convolution, or at another upcoming LARP event. Hit up the Convolution Website to read the full blurb on the games!