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House Kingbird is the last of the families around which the “Seven Deadly Virtues” game revolves. This post also brings to a conclusion the most important historical event in the game. Enjoy!

The seven founders had their prize – a necklace that assured their lineage magehood, assuming they didn’t lose it or have it stolen. Each gave thanks to their own diety for the success of the mission, but Natasha Kingbird was the first to lower her eyes from the sky, and see the price. The founders watched in horror as a host of locusts – of biblical proportions – poured forth from the crack in the earth Abaddon had torn when it fled its prison. While the others panicked, along with almost every citizen of San Francisco, Natasha did the lighting calculations and realized that the locusts had to be contained. Immediately. Or the host would spread, probably across the entire North American Continent.

The founders reluctantly made their way to the source of the infestation. The devastation from the earthquake was terrible, but the damage the locusts were causing would soon wipe San Francisco off the map. Natasha thought as fast as she could, but there didn’t seem to be any other way. She raised her hands to the sky, and called down the lightning. The others almost stopped her, but the painful truth was that no one else had a solution that had any chance of working. Coughing and sputtering, the founders hunkered down under their magical wards to weather the worst of the fire-storm that tore through San Francisco.

As soon as it was possible for them to emerge, the founders did so, and desperately tried to save what little bit of their beloved city was left to save. As the price of their selfishness came into stark relief, the founder’s friendship started to unravel. They schism-ed on a hundred different lines, and went their seperate ways.

Natasha Kingbird went back to San Jose, where she’d grown up her whole life. She dedicated her life to helping others rebuild theirs. She started shelters, half-way homes, and the San Jose branch of the red cross. She seemed determined to atone for their sin. More than any of the other founders, Natasha suffered from the horrors of April 18th, 1906. Her family did everything they could to help her, but she was tormented by nightmares, and eventually barricaded herself in a barn and burnt it to the ground.

Bad luck has tailed the Kingbirds ever since. When the Chalberg necklace went missing, the Kingbird family was accused of taking it. Despite an extensive investigation, no evidence ever surfaced that the Kingbirds were involved. And now, with the Tettemer Family necklace missing, old accusations are re-surfacing.