Opal is the youngest Tettemer of her year and takes her name from her birth month.

Opal is sophisticated, outgoing and independent. She attended high-school in Virginia and college at Stanford where she spent several quarters abroad in Europe. She studied art history, and though mostly lacking in artistic talent herself, has such a discerning eye that she is regularly called upon to help judge art shows and even identify fakes.

She has an incredible knack for finding up and coming artists, and a brilliant track record of acquisitions. Despite being relatively young, she is given great power over the family purse, with which to make acquisitions. When abroad, Opal acquires pieces for the family and manages touring collections. When at home, Opal manages many of the galleries that the family contributes to. Jade’s work is a personal project of Opal’s. Opal is determined that the world should see Jade for the talented artist she is.

Opal and the other three mages her age used to be really close, but Opal’s travelling has taken her away from the estate frequently and she is a little out of touch with the day to day politics. Now she feels a little bit like a favorite Aunt, dropping in with gifts and exciting stories. The Tettemer estate doesn’t quite feel like home any more.

Spoilers below!

Opal is very discerning, and quite proud of her ability to acquire pieces. That much is self evident. What most of the family doesn’t know is her role in the ongoing war between the Tettemers and the Kingbirds.

The Tettemers established dominance in the art world very early, and the Kingbird family has always been jealous of it. At first, the Kingbirds tried to acquire collections by legal means, but they just couldn’t outbid, or out-persuade Opal and her predecessor/mentor, Turquoise. Eventually they turned to crime. Important pieces in touring collections went missing in Milan and Beijing.

The Tettemers quietly tried to persuade the Kingbirds to return the pieces. When they refused, the Tettemers threatened legal action, but there was no proof. Eventually, Turquoise turned to more desperate measures. He broke into the Kingbird estate and extracted the pieces that rightly belonged to the Tettemers. The Kingbirds retaliated by stealing more pieces, including in a daring move, a statue on display on the grounds of the Tettemer estate.

The Tettemers heightened security and set about trying to catch the Kingbirds in the act of stealing. Unfortunately they have thus-far been unsuccessful, and now the Kingbirds are trying another tactic. Whispers in the art community about the Tettemer family harassing artists and defaulting on payments have started to surface. The Kingbirds are playing dirty. Opal is furious, but again, without proof, can do very little.

Opal slept through most of the party last night, her internal clock still being on London time, and is one of very few who appear really awake this morning. She knows exactly what happened. The Kingbirds, who were previously accused of taking the Chalberg necklace, but never proven to have done so, have struck again. This time, they have gone to far, and Opal is determined to see them pay – and the necklace returned.