Jade is Citrine’s twin sister, born 10 minutes after him. Despite being Gold’s only daughter, it seems she can do no right. From a young age it was clear that Citrine was the favorite. Neither Jade nor Citrine seemed happy with their lot, and neither minded being shipped off to the middle of nowhere British Colombia for high school.

At the boarding school, Jade blossomed into a talented artist. Certain circumstances led to broken curfews on multiple occasions, and a lot of tears throughout those years.

After high school, Jade dutifully returned to the estate, while her brother fled to New York. Gold filled every waking hour of Jade’s life with accusations that it was all her fault, and that it was Jade’s responsibility to bring him back. With heavy heart, Jade began the onerous process of convincing a brother she knew hated life on the Tettemer estate to return. Eventually she succeeded. Rather than any kind of thank you though, she was simply forgotten. Gold doesn’t even acknowledge Jade at meals.

Her brother’s shadow is large, but Jade doesn’t mind. She appreciates having somewhere to hide from the cruelty of her mother. In the mean time, she has taken to locking herself in her study and working for days at a time, honing her artistic skills. She can’t really help but withdraw from those around her, even the mages her age who she used to be pretty close with.

Jade’s dedication to her work shows. She already has several pieces in important museums around the world, and incredibly successful galleries in Oahu and up at Lake Tahoe. Of course Opal intercepts the best pieces and has slowly been building a collection of Jade’s pieces.

It was to everyone’s surprise, and the joy of the younger mages, that Jade actually attended the party last night, rather than hiding in her study. True, she still had oil paint in her hair, but she shone radiantly in her eccentricity. And she smiled – and seemed to truly be enjoying herself – a sight Citrine hadn’t seen since early in high school, and the others hadn’t seen since before that.

Spoilers below

Jade doesn’t mean to be unhappy, or anti-social, or a disappointment to everyone who looks at her. It just happens. Jade has been struggling with depression since high school, and the emotional abuse from her mother Gold certainly doesn’t help. Even Citrine abandoned her, running off to New York.

The only bright spots in Jade’s life are her art, and Rowen Patsy. In art, Jade can express her emotions, share her struggles with the world. In Rowen Patsy, Jade has found acceptance. Theirs is a forbidden love, being from different houses, but they cannot help how they feel. Knowing how the Tettemer family would react, they have kept their romance quiet.

Rowen and Jade met at boarding school, and Rowen was indeed responsible for a couple of Jade’s broken curfews. To be fair, she just as often snuck out to work undisturbed in the art classroom in the middle of the night, but still, Rowen was an incredibly important part of her life. And the tears Jade cried almost every morning? Caused by everything from stubbing her toe to overwhelming feelings of abandonment to frustration over her latest art project. Pretty much everything made her sad. But how to explain that to Citrine, who could never understand the magnitude of sadness inside her?

In the years since, Rowen and Jade have continued to see each other. At first it was in total secret, but eventually Rowen convinced Jade to come to the Patsy estate. There she found an open, welcoming community that didn’t care that she was a Tettemer, only that she and Rowen were happy together. The Patsy’s have taken to calling Jade “Orlaith” (pronounced “Or-la”).

Jade often debates Rowen’s offer to abandon the Tettemer estate and move to the Patsy estate, but her mother has long ingrained in Jade her duty to house Tettemer – even if she will never live up to it. Jade can’t bring herself to abandon her home. But she does tell Rowen everything about how mistreated she is. Where Jade is meek and non-confrontational, Rowen has inherited the legendary Patsy family temper. He fumes over Jade’s treatement, and offers almost every time they see each other to come to the Tettemer estate and give people a piece of his mind – or his Claymore.

Last night, Rowen came to the party. The masquerade theme lent enough anonymity that Jade agreed to risk it. It was wonderful to see him, and to dance and laugh and for once in her life, Jade was happy on the Tettemer estate. This morning though as Jade watched Gold pace back and forth and rant about the missing necklace, a sinking feeling built in Jade’s stomach. Around midnight, Jade had lost track of Rowen for about 30 minutes. And now, the necklace is gone. Much as Jade loves Rowen, she wouldn’t put it past him to pull some stupid stunt like this to get even with the Tettemers for how they treat Jade.