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Part 6 of 7.

Having gained entrance to the Demon Abaddon’s prison, the seven founders swept triumphantly into the room. To their surprise, they found Abaddon taking tea. It invited them to sit and enjoy, but all save Miss Aednit Patsy (pronounced “ey-nit”) refused. Aednit played Abaddon’s waiting game -and won.

It was Ms Patsy who tried the patience of a demon, and in doing so, extracted from Abaddon the deal. The seven founders would free Abaddon from it’s prison, and in return, Abaddon would grant to each of them a necklace of platinum with a pendant of moonstone. If worn by the mother during childbirth the child brought forth would be a mage.

The founders rejoiced, and set about freeing Abaddon. The nearness of their goal, toward which they had worked for months swept away the suit of armor’s warning, and from history’s perspective, most of their good sense. They worked through the night, that fateful April day, and at 5:12 am, on April 18th, 1906, the Demon Abaddon was set free. It is not known to this day how the founders escaped the underground prison as it collapsed in the earthquake.

When the last of the flames were put out, and Aednit looked around at the destruction they had caused, she wept. Ashamed and appalled, she fled to Livermore and the others lost track of her for many years. Two decades later, the Patsy family reemerged, purchased a huge track of land in Mendenhall Springs, and set about building their estate.

While the other families have been content to mostly ignore each other, the Patsy’s have publicly and repeatedly denounced the other families for their actions ever since the earthquake. Most people see the Patsy’s as hypocrites though, as they continue to use their necklace, and indeed have the largest family of any of the seven.

They Patsy family enjoys keeping its own company, and running a horse ranch. They bred the last two winners of the Kentucky Derby, and Patsy riders regularly place in world wide competitions.