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Citrine was born in May, about 10 minutes before his sister Jade. Citrine is the prodigal son. He ran away three times in his youth, always for petty reasons like not getting his way in an argument over dinner. He was moody, sarcastic, and prone to outbursts of violence against everyone except his sister Jade.

The family shipped Citrine and Jade off to a boarding school in the middle of no where, British Columbia, Canada for high school. The theory was that out there, he wouldn’t be able to cause much trouble. Unfortunately, trouble found him anyway.

Citrine fell in with a group of politically active youth who were very pro-socialist. After college, Citrine refused to return to the estate, which he accused of being corrupt and heartless, and instead fled to New York, where he enrolled at NYU. It was only at his sister’s great insistence that he returned to the estate. Rumor has it that Citrine was one of the core organizers for Occupy Wallstreet, even though he had returned to San Francisco before it actually occurred.

Back in Atherton, Citrine did not bother to tone down his political opinions, and caused no end of arguments in the household by accusing elders of tyranny and dictatorship. He certainly wasn’t making any friends, and some older members quietly began to talk about excommunicating him. But Citrine is still Gold’s first-born, and that gives him an elevated place within the household.

Among the mages his age, he has a few loose friends in Garnet, Jade and Opal, who  don’t all necessarily share his political views, but in growing up with Citrine have some sympathy for him.

Spoilers below.

Citrine got a lot of flak from his political allies for being from the Tettemers – a family well situated to benefit from the current political situation. In an attempt to prove that the changes he advocated for were not “just a game for rich young boys to play”, he did indeed help organize Occupy. It is one of his biggest regrets that he returned to San Francisco before the actual occupation occurred. But how could he stay away?

Jade had flown out to New York and tracked him down after months of calls, texts and emails desperately begging him to come home. There, in person, she finally revealed the full extent of why she was trying to drag her brother away from something she knew he felt so passionate about. Their mother, Gold, had sworn to hold Jade accountable, blaming her for driving her brother out. With the threat of excommunication hanging over his sister’s head, Citrine acquiesced to return. After all, no one was more dear to him than his sister. No one understands Citrine like Jade. They are twins after all, and to call them just siblings would be a disservice to their bond.

Speaking of dear Jade, Citrine has been worried about Jade. it all started at that boarding school in Canada. The Tettemer twins were not the only scions sent to that boarding school. Several male members of house Patsy were also in attendance. On more than one occasion, Citrine learned that the Patsy boys had broken curfew and snuck off into the forest, and inevitably, he would find Jade crying in some corner the next morning. For the first time in their lives, Jade refused to tell Citrine why. Without proof, Citrine couldn’t act without causing trouble for Jade and himself, so he did nothing, even though it drove him crazy.

Since his return from New York, Citrine hasn’t seen as much of Jade as he would like. Jade regularly locks herself in her room (and associated study) for days at a time without even emerging for meals. She produces beautiful art, but looks paler and thinner every day. And, despite his return, Gold has shown no kindness toward Jade. Gold treats Jade almost as poorly as she treats Ruby and Garnet. Citrine can’t figure out why, given that Jade is Gold’s daughter.

This leads to an interesting political situation within house Tettemer. Tettemer has been a Matriarchy since Sapphire took over. By tradition, it is Jade’s right to inherit the house, but it is clear that Gold does not want that, and many of the older members of the house support Gold completely. They won’t let Jade take over if Gold doesn’t wish it. Garnet is first-born of the year, but as disfavored or more than Jade. Which leaves Opal and Citrine himself. Opal has no particular claim to the title, and no apparent interest in abandoning her current role. Citrine on the other hand is excited about taking over house Tettemer. From a position at the fore, he could affect real change on how the family’s financial and political power is wielded.

All of the political jockeying must wait for the moment though, since the Tettemer necklace has been stolen. Like most of the rest of the house, Citrine stumbled out of bed after only a few hours of sleep, the hang-over from drinking with his political buddies all night making every noise too loud, and every light too bright. The screeching of his mother Gold made Citrine wince and cover his ears.

Through the haze of pain, it occurred to Citrine just how much Gold has to gain if the necklace remains missing for an extended period of time. If Gold herself was behind the disappearance, she could control exactly who finds it, and when, thus elevating whoever she wants to the position of her successor, including some outsider. The more he thought about it, the more convinced Citrine is that it is just too convenient that Gold can’t summon more powerful demons right now. She must be behind it. Which means the necklace is probably still on the estate somewhere.