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Now that we’ve met House Tettemer in general, it’s time to introduce the PCs for the game. I will mask spoilers, which will all be at the end of hte post, as not all of this information will be generally available to all players. If you are interested in playing, you’ll have to exercise some self restraint.

All four PCs are 26 years old and from house Tettemer. Garnet Tettemer is the oldest. He is the son of Ruby, and was never supposed to be a mage.

Ruby was Gold’s primary rival for the affections of Garnet’s father, William. Gold and William had dated throughout high school, but when Gold brought William to the estate for Christmas one year, William and Ruby met. Gold was the most beautiful young woman of her generation, and the daughter of Lapis, grand-daughter of of Sapphire. There was no question that she would inherit the leadership of House Tettemer.

Unfortunately, Gold’s beauty fueled her vanity, and her position fueled her cruelty toward other women in the house. Ruby on the other hand was a soft spoken artist, who was kind and considerate. William spurned Gold for Ruby. Gold of course blamed Ruby, and set about making Ruby’s life hell. Gold couldn’t get her grandmother Sapphire, who was still the Matriarch, to banish Ruby because too many other members of house Tettemer loved her as the sister or cousin she was, so instead, Gold tried to make Ruby so miserable she’d leave of her own accord.

Ruby seemed almost oblivious to Gold’s efforts, at least until Oct 17, 1989. Sapphire died in the Loma Prieta earthquake, and Lapis inherited the Matriarchy. Lapis doted on her daughter, and the two of them conspired to drive Ruby out. Ruby had announced a few months earlier that she was pregnant, so Lapis had an easy target. Ruby went into labor on January 3rd, 1990. At the last possible moment, Lapis refused Ruby the necklace of power, thereby denying her birthright as a member of house Tettemer.

Ruby left the estate. She and William moved to Hillsborough and tried to forget what had been denied their son Garnet. However, eight years later, the story took an interesting turn when Garnet demonstrated awakened magic. Ruby, Garnet and William returned to the Tettemer estate and forced Lapis to recognize Garnet as first-born of his year (ahead of Gold’s son Citrine).

Garnet has since risen to every challenge, fair or unfair, laid before him. He attended boarding school in Vienna for high school, then UCLA for college. He has lived on the estate for the past few years, and taken on more and more responsibilities for the daily running of the estate.

While Garnet is very good at his job, lately the strain of his position is starting to show. He stays up ridiculously late, managing large portions of the estate. His face is gaunt and drawn, and much of his previous good humor has leached away.

[SPOILERS] The information beyond is NOT public knowledge. If you are interested in playing, you should not read the masked text below or you will be spoiled to the game and wont’ be able to play.

The pressure on Garnet is immense. Gold watches his every move like a hawk – or a vulture. She tasks him with the most complicated tasks, short handed and low on resources, whatever she can to try to make him fail. When his mother first explained to him why Gold hates him so much, Garnet considered running away from the Tettemer estate, but his sense of duty to the family is strong.

While House Tettemer has long been ruled over by a Matriarch, it is clear that Gold does not favor Jade to succeed her. Jade’s twin brother Citrine isn’t making himself any friends among the family with his panhandling for political change. Which leaves Garnet himself. Sure there are a few older mages, and a few younger, and of course Opal, but no one has nearly the same claim as these three.

Garnet can see so many changes he wishes he could implement – after all, he’s not the only mistreated young mage on the estate. Jade is a prime example. Gold is almost as cruel to Jade as she is to Garnet. So Garnet sticks around, and tolerates all the abuse, and dreams about how he might change house Tettemer.

In the mean time, things are getting tougher all the time with Gold. Despite being only 51, her eccentricities are spiraling out of control. Despite this, Garnet refuses to admit there is something he can’t do. His pride has driven him to a dangerous habit – Communing with demons. He learned to summon them in Vienna, and has used their power ever since to stay afloat in House Tettemer. Being no fool, he has never told anyone that he knows how to do this

In the past couple of months, he’s had to call on them more than usual to get things done, and it has become increasingly dangerous. Gold banned the study of demon summoning when she came to power in 2013, but so far, no one seems to suspect Garnet. Still, every summons, especially on the estate, is a risk. For the big things, Garnet prefers to summon elsewhere.

Last night, Garnet was absent for part of the party. He hopes his absence was inconspicuous, as he was gone from the estate for only a few hours. In that time, Garnet traveled to the Winchester Mystery House, which is a very powerful conduit. He summoned one of Abaddon’s direct servants and cut quite the deal. Tired of having Gold lording over the whole house with her demon summoning, Garnet gave the demon permission to “cause mischief” in exchange for stripping Gold’s ability to summon greater Demons.

This morning, through the haze of exhaustion from the summoning, Garnet stumbled down-stairs with the other sleep-deprived, hung over members of House Tettemer to learn that the Tettemer necklace had been stolen. Garnet bit his lip. “Cause mischief” indeed.