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Part 5 of 7

Clarence Tettemer was a clever man, but no great warrior. When the founders encountered the second challenge – a champion constructed from an empty suit of armor, Clarence surprised the others by volunteering to engage it in single combat, per the requirements of the challenge.

The suit had a voice, to everyone’s discomfort, and it tried to goad Tettemer into an angry rage. While Patsy fumed on the side on behalf of his friend, Tettemer kept his cool, and his focus. Like David before him, Tettemer relied on his smaller size and quicker movements to outmaneuver his enemy. In the end, his tight control of his emotions won him the day.

Once his foe was downed, Tettemer bowed deeply in respect, and helped the suit of armor to it’s feet, against the advice of the others. Tettemer was quick to retort that there was no need to be disrespectful. In return, the suit of armor warned Tettemer that their quest was folly and would lead to much suffering. It is the great tragedy of our story that Tettemer and the others brushed off the warning.

When the smoke cleared, fingers were pointed, and angry words that couldn’t be taken back were yelled. No one wanted to take responsibility. Tettemer turned his back on the others, as they did on him, and settled in Atherton. He set about building the biggest, most opulent estate possible.

To this day, the estate is regularly voted the most beautiful property in the greater bay area. The lawn is absolutely immaculate, the architecture perfectly maintained, the countless, priceless art pieces on the estate are all displayed to breathtaking effect, and despite being the largest family aside from the Patsy family, no one on the estate is crowded for space to express their own flavor.

Normally the Tettemers are a very private family, and few people not family or servants are allowed on the estate. The exception is New Years Eve. On this one night, the Tettemers throw open their doors, and everyone, including the other houses are allowed to attend, assuming they are dressed to the nines for the party.

All four PCs for the game are from house Tettemer, and bear names that are tradition to house Tettemer since Clarence named his first daughter Sapphire.