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Here is part three of the “Seven Deadly Virtues” series.

In case this kind of thing bothers you, this post involves some discussion of sexuality.

Gale Calentine was the epitome of loyal to his wife Gwendolyn. This turned out to be absolutely crucial to the founders mission. While Dimitrov knew that Abaddon was bound beneath the earth, and was able to discover a way into its prison, without Gale, the founders would never have made it past the ante-chamber.

Those that bound Abaddon locked him deep within the earth, but even so, it’s presence called to it other dark things, including minor demons like succubi and icubi. Now, these demons don’t necessarily hunt humans for sport the way some stories would have you believe, but if seven mortals wander willingly into their residence, it’s hard to hold their nature against them.

The demons attacked the group, tempting every fiber of their being, and six of them fell under the spell. However, Gale’s love for Gwendolyn was so pure that he could not be brought under the demons’ sway. He retained his senses and was able to rescue the others before too much of their souls were drained away.

Once the smoke cleared at the end of the final battle, Calentine looked around at the shambles of San Francisco, and wrote to his love. Gwendolyn came out from Virginia to help him rebuild his city by the bay. They worked hard for many years to repair the damage from the earthquake and subsequent fire. In recognition of their efforts, the mayor of San Francisco bestowed upon the Calentines a key to the city in 1928.

Gwendolyn Calentine was a particular advocate of abstinence, but with her passing in 1970, her children faced a changing reality. The Calentines ended up being a big Roe advocate during the Roe vs. Wade era. When the free love mindset of the 70s rolled over San Francisco, the culture left an indelible impression on the Calentine estate.

From then on, the Calentines established their estate as a safe space for people of all walks of life and all persuasions to get information about safe sex practices. As time rolled on, the younger generation branched out and started to sponsor dungeons around San Francisco, with the most famous being the Citadel.

The servants on the Calentine estate are particularly discreet, and a guest on a normal afternoon might never know they were there. However, the Calentines regularly open their estate to wild parties that require ridiculous man-power to run, and are the talk of the town for most of the year. The exception of course being New Years Eve – a night which even the Calentines know better than to compete with the Tettemers over.