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This is the second piece in the “Seven Deadly Virtues” world building series. If you want to start with the first piece, you can find it here.

Prokhor Denisovich Dimitrov was the first among equals. It was he who knew from stories passed down in his family for generations that the demon Abaddon had been bound in the earth under San Francisco. It was he that collected the other six and set out on the quest to unearth the demon and compel it to grant their lineages power. No matter what the Huntington family claims, it was in truth Prokhor Dimitrov that started the fateful journey. Dimitrov was always diligent. He was calm, collected, determined, and knew how to best employ other people’s strengths. After the smoke cleared, he helped organize the rebuilding of San Francisco.

The Dimitrov Family quickly settled in Santa Cruz, and built their estate up in the hills, among the redwoods. From the beginning, the Dimitrov family has been run by democracy. From the age of twelve, every member of the family, whether mage or not, gets a vote. Every Saturday is house meeting, and the meetings used go all day and late into the night as family members discuss issues and work toward consensus.

Originally, the Dimitrov family eschewed servants and attempted to maintain the estate on their own expertise, but in the name of efficiency, that has changed, and now the employees outnumber the family members about two to one. These days, very few family members bother to attend house meeting – which are mostly considered a waste of time. Most abstain from all votes, preferring to devote their time and energy to tasks which they are better suited to. Unfortunately, many of those tasks provide no particular benefit to society.