I know i promised a rundown of the Simplex Syndicate for today, but work has been… well, work has been crazy and I haven’t had time to do the summary justice.

In the mean time, I’m going to point you at the webcomic Weregeek again:

Chapter 5 Go!

As I’ve said before, this is one of my favorite comics for many reasons – including it’s ability to capture so accurately some of the interactions between gamers or between gamers and non-gamers.

This particular strip made me giggle a lot this morning. While my particular group of friends doesn’t do too much traveling on trains in costume, we have a habit of going to get food before game already in costume. There is a particular Chipotle’s near our house where we’ve stopped getting weird looks from the regular staff because we do it often enough.

I have to say that the costuming is convenient, as it makes it really easy to spot the other players in a crowd. And the looks we get from the other customers are priceless. And so far, whether for the people in our town being a)too nice or b)too weirded out and/or c)uncomfortable approaching a whole group, we haven’t gotten any flack for it.

We didn’t do it intentionally the first time. We just got into costume at home, and went to get food before game. It wasn’t until people started double-taking that I looked down at our outfits and realized that, no, actually, most people don’t run around on weekends with demon horns and cloaks. Now it’s kind of a thing.

After games, we always troop off together to get food as well. (It’s what happens when games + set up + wrap up run from 1-7 pm). We usually do this on Stanford Campus, and it is during these times when we recruit by our very presence. While off campus most people edge away from a group of costumed people, on campus, people edge closer. More than once we’ve had people stop us to ask what we’re dressed up for. I don’t know if we’ve ever actually persuaded someone to play a larp just from a post-larp encounter, but I can hope.

At some point, I’m sure I’ll have more to say about costuming in general.