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Now that we’ve had a session or two for this campaign, I have a better sense of which NPCs are likely to be mentioned repeatedly. If you haven’t met Melodi and the other PCs, you should probably do so first.

Commander Devore – You’ve already met her if you checked out the rest of the cast. She has continued to accompany the party and be very useful as far as Melodi is concerned. She is good with a gun, has TL 14 armor (makes most slug weapons short of machine guns look like pop-guns), and is a tactical genius (according to Melodi anyway 😉 ). Melodi looks up to her tremendously, as is consequently highly loyal to Devore as more than just her commander.

Part of why Melodi is so loyal to the Commander is that they’ve served together before. It was a team under the Commander who rescued Melodi’s fire-squad, and many of Melodi’s subsequent assignments with planets in the Wild were under the Commander. Melodi knows that the Commander earned every inch of where she is – and Melodi has no end of respect for that.

Jane Effle – Jane works for Alik Kato. She is a planet side NPC who is a good shot and very competent with her slug weapons. Melodi spent a little time showing Jane how to shoot with the energy weapons, and that went over well.  Other than that, Melodi and Jane haven’t really interacted, so Melodi doesn’t know much more about her.

Yumi Amato – Yumi is also pseudo-employed by Alik Kato. Her expertise is as a guerrilla surgeon. Yes, Argusap needs guerrilla surgeons – particularly brain surgeons. This is because the Tyrant Virus that controls the continent of Efret has decided to control humans by implanting bombs in their skulls. Any misbehavior, and the bomb gets remotely triggered. Helseth is much closer to Yumi than Melodi, being a doctor himself. Melodi mostly sees Umi as squishy civ who is at least smart enough to stay out of the way in a fight.

The Governor – The Governor is another strain of virus on Argusap, and stands in opposition to the Tyrant. It supposedly serves only an advisory role on the continent of Seperin. It usually occupies female androids and tries to interact in an almost human manner with people.

Part of why Melodi doesn’t know much about Jane and Umi is that there is only so much screen-time, and we prioritize that time for the PCs.

On the other hand, the Governor remains mysterious because it is a powerful entity in the world that the PCs must contend with, without knowing it’s motivations completely.

I’m sure we’ll encounter a bunch of other NPCs, but these are the ones that I expect to reappear frequently.