Some morning I had today. Late getting started, forgot my computer at home and had to go back for it, discovered I was double scheduled for the afternoon, and over it all, is hovering the time pressure to get ready for Baycon…

Out of this mental chaos came this little piece. If you aren’t familiar with Mage the Ascension, there are bunch of technocracy references in this piece. I recommend the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki for quickly looking up groups you aren’t as familiar with.

Monday’s suck. For everyone really, but for me particularly. I work in a Progenitor lab, but I am, and have been since awakening, cult of ecstasy.

On Monday mornings, most people just need to get up, get coffee and fight traffic into work. Things are a little more complicated for me. I undergo an hour long ritual every Monday to shield my mind and the knowledge therein from the New World Order. It is an intricate process, requiring the layering of a new “mind” over mine, so convincingly that the N.W.O. thinks they succeed in reading it completely, without realizing it’s a fake.

Then I’m supposed to grab my computer and head for work. I don’t actually use a computer as a focus, but most people at work do, and appearances must be maintained. In reality, I use manic energy for most of my magic. Luckily my computer can play music, and that can help generate those moods – and everyone is so busy at work that no one is really ever surprised when I start trying to do three projects at once. Also convenient is the fact that my paradox, full of head-aches and losing track of time, is typical of most of my coworkers, even mundanely.

I specialize in time and entropy, with just enough life and mind to keep up at work. I’m pretty sure I’m the only time mage on my team – I work in a Progenitor lab after all. This is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, no one really knows enough about time magic to realize that I have a much more traditional take on it than technocracy.  On the other hand, it means I am often performing multiple, vulgar time effects in a day. And time paradox is nasty. Well, all paradox is nasty, but I particularly don’t appreciate getting caught in time loops, or skipping time. It makes it really hard to piece together coherent answers to the question “what have you been up to this week?”