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Now that you’ve met Melodi LeBeau, I should introduce you to the rest of the cast of 6, since I’ll be making reference to the various characters throughout the series. Please be aware that there are character spoilers here too, so be careful if you’re playing! (Also, keep in mind that these are the characters from Melodi’s point of view, for consistency with the session recaps that will also be told from her perspective.)

Andrew Helseth – A marine doctor with a reputation for insisting on accompanying marines into the field instead of staying back in a hospital. Helseth is an amicable officer, much like Melodi and they get along well. [SPOILERS] The good doctor has patched Melodi and her men up a few times, and is also part of spec ops. He was offered the mission that Melodi is on, but having stronger aversions to such duplicity and continued commitment to the marines than Melodi, turned it down. He was still assigned to the Maelstrom as the Regency was sending the best of the best, and the marines were no exception.

Emylyn Nyx Austershalin – A psionic computer researcher from Giikusu in the Regency. She is a strong computer empath, a virus expert, and an all around computer wiz. Melodi and Emylyn have grown fairly close during the 6 month journey to the edge of the black curtain. Emylyn probably knows the most about Melodi, aside from Doctor Helseth. The marines abord the Maelstrom occasionally refer to the pair as “M&M” [SPOILERS] Emylyn and Melodi are close enough that Melodi has told her about her secret desire to be an opera singer. Emylyn has in turn shared with Melodi the challenges of growing up poor with a large family (6 siblings) and being expected to help pay for their schooling.

Adam Bilson – A talented engineer who grew up on Vide, raised by his grandfather.  He averted disaster on his previous assignment with some truly amazing feats of ship repair. It might not seem like the most glamorous thing, but when you’re hurtling through space in the tiny, fragile, metal bubbles we call ships, a good engineer is difference between surviving and becoming space debris.

Lindis Angstrom – A planet-side archaeologist. He hints just a touch of Indiana Jones. He has ties to both Separin and Efreet in various ways, and presents as a moderate member of the Librarians, a group of guerrilla fighters who are trying to rid the planet of Virus. [SPOILERS] Lindis has confided in Melodi that he would be perfectly willing to ally with virus “controlled” Separin (by which I mean the virus appears to act as an advisor only) to destroy the virus that rules Efreet with an iron (metaphorical) fist. Given that he had a bomb implanted in his skull by the Efreet strain of the virus, his attitude is understandable.

Alik Kato – A member of the librarians who’s mother, Daya Kato, is one of the most influential members. He is staunchly anti-virus of any and all kinds. He is also very fond of his radio and the dissemination of information – for a price of course. He appears to be the defacto leader as his mother is indisposed.

Commander Devore – [NPC] The commander is in charge of the marines aboard the Maelstromand has elected to accompany the party on this excursion. She broke her ankle during atmospheric entry (we were shot down), but insists on continuing. [SPOILERS] Devore knows that Melodi is on some sort of important mission but is not privy to the details.

Expect to get to know these characters as Melodi learns about them, and they grow and change during the campaign.